Video-Making Contest! Ultimate prizes!

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Video-Making Contest! Ultimate prizes!

Post by Bink on Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:34 am

Hey hey guys!

Okay, I have been thinking of an event with Video-making!

This will be the rules:

1.Must be 50 Seconds or longer
2.You MUST Put the Name "GameBefore" And our website "" In your video
3.You MUST Put our Website in the Description
4.YouTube ONLY!

This is how you enter:

- Make a video
- The best editted video wins!
- Enter the URL On our In General Discussion's.

The Prizes are:

1. Free Donator + 50 GameBefore Points!
2. Free Donator | Without Points
3. 10Million Coins! In-game

Goodluck everyone!

The Contest will end: 31-1-2012


- Official Owner of GameBefore

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