Bug or what idc

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Bug or what idc

Post by suckmydick on Sun Feb 12, 2012 4:07 pm

Bink, i want this sorted, i lagged and dc'd with full ahrim c.staff asn, but then i logged in when i died at lakharhnaz (tired to duo it) and i was on skype with suckmyballs (eddy) and he said i was still logged in with my ahrims and stuff but when i died at lakharhnaz i losted fury (or) ccbow 3rd age coif and archer ring (i) and b gloves. I've got proof that i'm logged in at the place where I'm at with me stood next ot my account wierd shit.

Oh and i've saved when i got a drops from desert and sold to shop.

This is me at wyrm place with eddy when i dc'd then i came back stood next to "my" account


this is me with my three items i kept when i died :s


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