Everyone Vote Please!

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Everyone Vote Please!

Post by Cory on Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:10 pm


The VPS would be great because whenever the server goes down and Bink is not on, Jamo or Seaz can restart the server. They can also help Bink code when he is not on, and get some of these bugs fixed faster in room for new stuff to come up..

The only thing that would be bad is Bink just bought a new computer for the server so he can host it, that money really would go to waste if he got a VPS, and good VPS cost a good $50+ a month.

SIDENOTE TO JAMO: I know you think you can get a good one for $30, but in my experience with ones that are $30, they really are sketchy to get..

SIDENOTE TO BINK: Bink you really need to consider this idea.. You are losing a lot of new players because of the down time, and because the new source doesn't have much on it.. This can also give you a break from coding..

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Re: Everyone Vote Please!

Post by Deggerz on Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:35 pm

-Poll deleted-
-Topic Locked-

These polls will not change anything. Bink has just bought a new computer with a wired connection, there has been a significant improvement of the uptime. Stop complaining about the first down time ive seen in a while

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